Fixed Rate Electricity & Natural Gas in Calgary, AB

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We are the fastest-growing Alberta-based energy retailer that CARES about Albertans - offering low, fixed rates, cost-certainty and peace of mind.  Join the 30,000+ Albertans who have switched to us - away from the typical "Big 4" providers! Our prices are ultra-competitive and straightforward with no exit fees or cancellation fees.

We are LOCAL with a local call centre and exceptional, compassionate customer service and fixed options for lower-credit customers.   Sign up now and secure your home energy plan before winter! It takes minutes to sign up and we take care of notifying your current provider.  DITCH (you-know-who) & SWITCH to Sponsor today!

Energy prices are heating up:
don't get burned!

  • 5 year fixed electricity
  • No sign up fees
  • No exit fees
An image showcasing the warmth of natural gas for a home: A cozy scene in a living room, with the heat of natural gas glowing, demonstrates the benefits of a fixed-rate plan. This energy plan offers residential customers more stability, protecting against market price fluctuations and helping to save money on monthly bills.
Natural Gas
  • 1 year fixed gas
  • No sign up fees
  • No exit fees
  • Fixed rate electricity and natural gas plans are subject to a $0.65 daily admin fee.

Low credit score?

Skip your credit check with our “Skip Credit Plan” designed for you!

The light bulb signifying our fixed rate electricity plans in Calgary, AB

Take control of your energy costs.

Welcome to Sponsor Energy, where we know that fluctuating energy bills can be a constant headache for homeowners and businesses. Our highly competitive fixed-rate natural gas and electricity plans are designed to provide cost certainty, so you can focus on what matters most. With no exit penalties, lower fixed rates, exceptional customer service, and flexibility that sets us apart, you can trust sponsor energy to provide the stability you need. Join us today and take control of your energy future.

Fixed Rate Electricity

Power Your Life with Confidence

Are you tired of being shocked by unpredictable electricity bills? Discover the stability and predictability of our fixed rate electricity services. We provide reliable electricity at a fixed rate, protecting you from market fluctuations and giving you complete control over your energy costs.

An image showcasing a happy woman turning on the electricity: A delighted woman flicks a switch, illuminating her room as electricity rates remain low. She enjoys a variable rate plan thanks to her competitive retailer, ensuring her energy consumption stays affordable, and her monthly bill is manageable.

"High Level of Professionalism"

I appreciate your assistance and the high level of professionalism displayed in your customer service. Thank you.

Pradeep Sharma

Embrace energy stability now.

Don't wait any longer to secure a stable and predictable energy future. Make the smart move and choose Sponsor Energy's competitive fixed-rate  electricity and natural gas plans and experience the benefits of cost certainty, flexibility, and exceptional customer service that truly sets us apart.