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…get you back on your feet!

H.E.L.P. (Home Energy Low-income Plan) is Sponsor Energy’s new rate plan exclusively for low-income residential clients. We offer the same great rates on both electricity and natural gas but instead of giving 50% of our margin to charity it goes back to you in savings!

Key Features:
· Our lowest possible electricity, natural gas and admin fees available
· No exit or cancellation fees
· No deposit
· Opportunity to establish a better credit rating

Energy services are crucial to individual and family well-being. Yet – over 1 million Canadian households spend more than 10% of their income on home energy. This means that many families are forced to choose between using power/heat, buying groceries and paying rent. Having to make this difficult choice increases the risk of having your power cut off, poor health and housing instability.

If you are a low income household, you may also be forced to pay the regulated rate option (RRO) or high fixed rates for electricity and natural gas. In addition, some energy providers charge excessive deposits, late payment charges and re-activation fees, after having reduced or cut-off services as a result of an account being high risk or in arrears. Consequently, vulnerable families often pay disproportionately more for home energy than the average household.

Sign up here if you would like H.E.L.P. getting back on your feet. Please note that your application may be subject to income verification and/or referral agency approval.

Meet our referral agencies:

Accessible Housing Society
Airdrie Food Bank
Aspen Family & community Network
Calgary Homeless Foundation
Catholic Family Service
Children’s Link Society
Closer to Home Community Services
HIV Community Link
Hull Services
Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary
The Alex
YWCA Calgary

Energy Poverty enLIGHTenment

How many people are stuck in energy poverty? What is it? How does it affect people in Alberta? How does it compare to the rest of Canada? – Check out this March 2016 study by Fraser Institute Energy Costs And Canadian Households: How Much Are We Spending?

There’s a little-known yet widespread form of poverty in Alberta: it is energy poverty, the inability of financially-strapped families to properly heat and power their homes at a reasonable cost.
About 455,000 Albertans live in energy poverty — or one in six households. All One Sky recently completed a report, Tackling Energy Poverty — An Agenda for Alberta

Who cares? Check out our friends the Energy Angels at All One Sky, on their mission to help in Calgary – Energy Angels visit Daisy