Energy Efficiency – Audits, Solar and EV Charging



From home solar installations to commercial and utility scale solar projects, Sponsor Energy has the expertise to manage your project from inception to financing to operation. Our team is committed to helping our residential and commercial clients use LESS energy and reduce their reliance on the grid.


Our team of experienced energy efficiency engineers deliver immediate business value though assessments, audits, modelling and design services for retrofit, new construction and renewables (solar, wind, CHP, storage etc.). In parallel, our analysts decompose utility bills, profile consumption and tariff rates to complement the engineering process.


Our team consists of electrical professionals, passionate about leading and enabling others to live greener lifestyles. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, our solar installation team can provide the solar package you need – at a competitive price – and also arrange for you to benefit from the RECs that you produce. Ask us how!


We can help you identify and close the optimum financing to capitalize your business or project. Whether it is sourcing government grants and rebates to complex project structure, consider us part of your team for improved transactional capability. We are capable of advising and project managing key deliverables for the success of your endeavor.

(Building Energy Efficiency Review)

Who doesn’t?! 

Sometimes you’re doing everything right, and sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to help you optimize your facility and reduce your energy consumption. Our Building Energy Efficiency Review (BEER) has our resident experts walking around with you to take a look at your building, its systems, and your operations so that we can work together and find savings or at least add input into your capital/operational planning and budgets.

Give us call at 1-855-545-1160 to make sure you can get your hands on a free BEER.*

* This offer only applies to ‘domestic’ not-too-complex BEER. If you want a fancy ‘imported’ BEER that comes with Engineers, ASHRAE accredited professionals, modelling and design services, utility consumption analysis and profiling – as well a full report – we can do that too.